Meet the New Gold Standard for Preventing the Spread of Airborne Contaminants

Highly Portable

Can be fitted on a patient by EMTs, and remain with the patient throughout their hospital stay.

Accessible and Affordable

All the protection of a negative pressure isolation room at a fraction of the cost.

Effective Protection

Protects providers, other patients, and their families against respiratory exposure.

Some of the Specialists Using the SafER system

First Responders

Protect Yourself. Protect Others.

The SafER Portable Negative Pressure System is portable and light – just 6 pounds – and flexible enough to keep you and your team safe on the move.

The SAFER device has brought us a level of protection for our providers to administer high risk procedures that were thought impossible. It is a standard of care that keeps providers safe, and a standard that every EMS agency should adapt into policy.

Daniel Marshal

Chief Clinical Officer

South Howell County Ambulance District

West Plains, MO

Hospital Systems

Meet your own Guidelines and Protocols

The SafER Portable Negative Pressure System offers a proven replacement for negative pressure rooms at a fraction of the cost.

I used it twice over the last month, it saved two people from either dying or being intubated at the time. There is no way they would have survived without being on the BIPAP. Honestly, from an ICU perspective, it keeps healthcare workers safe.

Gwen Eastep


Respiratory Therapists

The Nebulizer of the Future Has Arrived

The SafER Portable Negative Pressure System is 42% better than a standard nebulizer at delivering oxygen or aerosolized medication to a patient — and offers protection to everyone else.

We only have 2 Negative Pressure rooms in our ED. When the rooms are full and we have a patient requiring an urgent nebulizer treatment it is comforting to staff to know that they can utilize the Respiratory Shield and not compromise other patients/staff close by. We also are able to now provide nebulized medications in our lobby when previously, we could not. Staff absolutely love this system. They are easy to use while providing a safe environment to everyone in the vicinity.

Cheri Levy


Clinical Educator Emergency Dept.

Olympic Medical Center

SafER Medical is a group of ER doctors and firefighters who faced the challenges of providing healthcare during the pandemic.

We saw front line providers risking their health and isolated from their families. We saw hospital systems crushed by the weight and expense of providing negative pressure isolation.

We created a better way. The SafER Portable Negative Pressure System solves the issue of contamination and spread of respiratory illnesses. It’s portable, flexible, and highly affordable.

There is no healthcare setting in the world that could not benefit from it.


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Leave it to a bunch of ER docs to build a better mouse trap.

Mark L. Plaster


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